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Pocket Sacreligia, Prophet of St. Gulik

Intro post!

Hello hello. I'm Megan, a 23-year old student at the University of Cincinnati. I moved back home about a year ago after going to school in Pittsburgh for awhile. I've always been overweight, but when I was in Pittsburgh, I dropped from an 18 to a 10 (due mostly to not having a car and walking everywhere). Now, after a year of home cooking, living in the country and being required to drive, and a sedentary job, I've gone back up to...probably a 14 or 16. I haven't weighed myself in years, though I may start doing it again regularly. I work a full-time third-shift security job, go straight to school from work, and manage to get a little sleep in before going to work again...and as a result, have no time to work out or even watch my eating. When the holiday break started two weeks ago, though, I decided to put some time into losing weight, and started walking an hour to two hours a day, along with yoga and crunches. I've also been using portion control, since my mother isn't going to start cooking low-fat stuff just for me. I've dropped at least one pants size so far--got into a pair I had sorely missed--and have realized that I really want to wear the rest of the pants I once loved and maybe even lose some more. I have kind of a lanky frame and don't carry my extra weight well, and I feel that I look sloppy with fat around my middle, which is the only place I really get it--my mother and sister are both big eaters and somewhat overweight, but they have bigger frames and they can still look good. Problem is, I'm afraid I'm going to backslide once school starts again, so support is definitely needed! Anyways, good to meet everyone, and this looks like a wonderfully supportive community.
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